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Happy 20th Year Anniversary!

Thank you everyone for your endless love and support in helping us launch our website! We are so excited to celebrate our 20th year anniversary with you all! I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July-my husband and I went to the Half Moon Bay Annual 4th of July Parade on Main Street. Over the last four years since we've resided in the Bay Area, we've never had the opportunity to celebrate 4th of July here. This was our first time ever seeing what the parade was all about. It was really neat seeing all of our community come together to support the local businesses that participated in the parade-even more exciting to see some of our students in the parade! Such cute floats, and costumes, beautiful horses and classic cars...just an overall great experience. The Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee, Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce, The Lions Club, and The Coastside Adult Day Health Center did a really great job putting this remarkable community event together. Now that we've witnessed it, we're brewing up some pretty cool ideas for the next year around! Whoo-hoo! Will we be in the next 4th of July parade- Stay tuned!

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