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When in Doubt, Plank it Out

Planks have been known to improve core definition while engaging in all the abdominal areas. They'll even tighten your glutes and arms! Doing planks just a few minutes a day will build muscle while also reducing the risk for potential back injuries. It'll challenge your whole body's muscles in a way that you'll boost your overall metabolism.

A great plank exercise to challenge yourself with:

1. Start as in the photo above. Hold a strong plank, and switch your feet carefully. Do three sets of ten repetitions.

2. Next exercise: hold a strong plank, this time with both toes planted on the ground, heels up in the air, and arms fully erect with a slight bend for thirty seconds.

3. Last exercise: start again as in the photo above, bend your arms into doing push-ups. Do three sets of ten repetitions of push-ups. Switch legs on your sets in between.

4. Repeat all three exercises three times.

Have trouble slouching? Planks will also have a positive effect on your neck, shoulders and chest to improve your ability to stand with a stable and straight posture. Overall, these exercises will give you a full body workout in under thirty minutes of your day. So get up off your seat and give it a try!

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