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Unleash and Face Your Inner Fears

Many people think so hard of themselves---even find it hard to feel comfortable under their own skin. All because body shaming has become a regular part of our day to day environment. Whether it be from the News, Television, Social Media- the point is, negative vibes are out there and completely around us. What do we do about it? Do we let it take every positive impulse we have in our soul? Or do you let it make you stronger? The choice is yours. Yes, it can be a battle for few. Others, a piece of cake. How does one get through the battle without hurting themselves and those around them emotionally? For me, it's all about having faith. It's all about having trust in the Lord that He will protect me from beating up the mind He gave me. There's this saying "you are what you eat"...well I truly believe in the saying "you are what you think". If we think negative thoughts about ourselves, it shows. If we think positive thoughts about ourselves, it shows. Plain and simple, right? We have to get out of our heads because we are our own worse critic. It all begins in how you start your day and what you do to get in the right mindset to get you through your day. The best way to do this is to have positive or inspirational quotes on a sticky note where you spend most of your time getting ready. The note is solely there as a constant reminder of how great you are. This can help get you in the mood to conquer the day you have ahead of you. What also helps is surrounding yourself with positive and inspiring people. The ultimate goal is to refrain yourself from those who constantly say things that bring you down and make you feel low and sad. This can sometimes be family members, friends, colleagues, you name it. Though you may love them in a special way, if they are hurting you, you have to speak up for yourself and let them know they are hurting you. A lot of times, people don't realize the effect they have on others with the things they say. I'm guilty of it too. Nobody's perfect, but we have to strive to do our best. Sometimes things we say can be interpreted the wrong way in which can become hurtful to the person we're speaking to. The key is to talk openly about it and share your thoughts and opinions to get a clearer understanding on what is meant to be said. Having a conversation via text message or email takes away the emotions meant to be interpreted. You can't always read between the lines and fuse for any emotion because its really hard to tell. Have something to say? Say it in person. Don't be afraid of speaking your thoughts and opinions because how you feel is so valid. Be confident in what you say. Hold your head up and tell yourself everyday how truly magnificent you are inside and out. You are so beautiful in every way possible. You really are. God made you perfect in your own special and unique way. This can have the biggest impact when it comes to trying something new for the very first time. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of trying something new because we get so consumed within our own thoughts that are holding us back from taking the first initial step. "What if I look funny? What if I don't like it? What if..." Well you wouldn't know unless you tried, right? What if you don't look funny? What if you find out that you actually do like it? Whatever it may doesn't hurt to try. I relate this to the first time I danced. I was only three years old. At that age, I honestly don't remember talking myself out of anything. At that age, we want to try everything right? Even if we know it potentially may get us into trouble---we were fearless and daring because we knew we'd be ok eventually. So what happened to being three years old? We grew up and gained a conscience, which is great! We now know the difference between right and wrong (hopefully). We now know if something maybe unsafe to try (or not). The general idea is to give it a shot. Try everything and anything if safety permits it. Get out of your head and stop holding yourself back from living. Unleash the part of you that wants to try, and face your fear of "what if". For me, it used to be "what if I look funny getting into this leotard? My body doesn't look right in it. My torso is too short. My hips are too wide..." yada yada yada. We often make excuses internally because we worry about what other people think about us. If you stop caring what people think, and start focusing more about what makes you happy, there isn't much to worry about then is there? In the end, who says we have to look a certain way to wear something you want? Of course we want to be modest and find something flattering...but why hold ourselves back if 'the media's concept of imagery is the only way', really isn't the only way? Accept yourself for who you are inside and out. Once you can truly appreciate the mind, heart, body and soul God blessed you with is when you can really appreciate the life bestowed upon you. After-all, life really is a dance isn't it?

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