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Getting Fit for the Dress!

It's wedding season! Here we have my dear friend, student and colleague...most of all beautiful bride, Tully, soon to be Mrs. Wachtelborn excited to share her weight-loss success story to fit in her wedding gown! What's her secret? Eating healthy portions and working out twice a day! She has fun with creating new meal inventions including veggies and protein for her kids and fiancee to enjoy. She's got them all eating healthy with her! Her favorite healthy breakfast is a veggie omelet...ohhh yummy! Can you guess Tully's favorite healthy dinner? It's Salmon with a veggie medley. This soon to be Mrs. is getting married in just 5 more weeks and still has yet to reach her personal goal! Tully has lost 20 lbs over the summer and is aspiring to lose 9 lbs more, before her big day! In this recent picture of Tully above, she had just got out of a dress alteration appointment located in San Bruno...and was so excited to just slip right in her wedding gown! Ahhh! She looked so happy, her eyes sparkled in her gorgeous wedding dress! I'm so excited I got to witness that very moment! If you see her around, be sure to encourage her! After all, life is a dance right?

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