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A True Virtuoso

Ever hear of a musician with a remarkable talent to create a magical tune out of thin air? "That's music to the ears," one would say when hearing Ben's work. Not only does he have the talent to create music, Ben also has the talent to play anything he hears by ear. Along with this God-send talent, he is KateetaK Studios official DJ! If there's ever a song you want for your special event, you can count on Ben to make it happen! Can't make up your mind on one song choice? Not to worry- Ben's here, to the rescue! He can remix as many songs as you want, such as, Surprise Flashmob Remixes, First Dance Remixes for Newly-Wed Couples, Quinceañera Grand Entrance and Dance Remix, and more! Say what? So how did KateetaK Studios come to meet Ben? It turns out that he is the CEO of the company's baby brother. This week, Ben celebrated his 28th birthday. He has devoted his life to music and has carried his passion for it since he was only three years old. In his earlier years, taking in Advanced Dance Training under his Mother's wing, along with Piano Training, Self-taught Guitar Lessons, this strapping young lad can do anything he puts his heart out to...and it just so happens to be drawn to Music and Dance. Ben's past experience with dance, learning how to channel a rhythm with your body, has influenced his construction of musical creativity. There's a song we used to sing to him when he was an infant, learning how to walk: "Do the Ben dance." That's literally all the lyrics to the whole song, on repeat. A fun fact about the true virtuoso: Years later, Ben turned his childhood theme song into a fun tune adding in drum percussion, writing the base notes, and arpeggiatic progressions into a massive guitar solo...playing all instruments and looping them together to hone in one melodic tune. This tune will surely get you rockin' out on the dance floor! After all, life is a dance isn't it?

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