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Congratulations, Juanita and Don!

Congratulations to this beautiful couple who got married under a weeping willow on a bright and sunny day at Wedgewood in San Ramon, CA on Saturday September 30, 2017. I met the Bride and her Maid of Honor at The Luxe Bridal Show in San Francisco. Since then, Juanita and Don have been dancing with me for a year and a half to prepare for their Dream Come True Wedding Day. Their First Dance was choreographed to Once Upon A Dream, a song featured in Walt Disney's Classical film, Sleeping Beauty. The style of dance they did was Viennese Waltz, with a splash of Contemporary. The couple wowed their guests with their grand lift, leaving an encore and standing ovation at the very end of their dance. To toast the happy couple, Gary, Don's Best Friend of 61 years and Best Man, gave the greatest speech of the century starting off with a few soft jokes. Following Gary's speech was Eva, Juanita's Best Friend and Maid of Honor, who then gave a grand introduction surprising Don with a flash mob with the ladies from her Zumba class! The handsome groom looked at his gorgeous bride in aww. It was the sweetest surprise ever! The guests started clapping to the music while Juanita and the girls danced their hearts out to the beat. Just for fun, Juanita and Don additionally learned two Foxtrot dance pieces to surprise their guests and get them on the dance floor to get the party started. One of the dances was to Benny Goodman's-Sing Sing Sing, while the other dance was to Glenn Miller's-In The Mood. It was such a delight to witness the Beautiful Princess and her Handsome Prince Charming tie the knot. May your love always be strong and bright, may your life be filled with light, may all your dreams come true, wishing all the best things that marriage brings in life for you two: May God always be the center of your marriage that keeps it together, blessing you always, always and always! Congratulations, Juanita and Don: I love you both with all of my heart! Thank you for choosing me to be your Dance Teacher for your Best Day Ever! Getting to witness your growth from when you first began dancing with me to seeing you on your Big Day has been such a blessing. I am truly excited and happy for you both. Now that you two are finally One, never ever ever stop dancing-after all, life is a dance.

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