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Felíz Quinceañera, Matisse!

Congratulations Matisse on your very special birthday! This weekend, the Ouderk Pool Gamache family celebrated the start of young womanhood for their little girl, Matisse, who turned 15 years old. Her birthday celebration took place at The San Francisco Boathouse in Lake Merced on Saturday January 20, 2018. These last five months have truly been a blessing working with Matisse, her mothers Joyce and Edwige, her big brother Max, and all of her Damas and Chambelanes for choreographing their Baile Sorpresa -Surprise Dance performance. Their dances included all of the following: A Daughter and Mothers Dance, Brother-Sister Dance, Corte De Honor Dance featuring all of Matisse's Dama's and Chambelanes, a Duet with her Chambelan De Honor, and a surprise Line Dance with all her guests.

Mothers' Embrace:

An Enchanting Daughter and Mothers' Trio

Two stunning mothers, Edwige and Joyce, performed a very lovely and beautiful Dance with their little girl, Matisse titled to the song "Say Something" by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera in the style of Traditional Ballroom with a twist of Lyrical Ballet and introduction to Latin style. This magnificent Trio had the whole room bawling with their grace and elegance. Pictured below is Joyce on the right, Matisse in the center, and Edwige on the left. Both mothers' embracing their sweet girl:

When Beauty Meets Hip-Hop:

A Sensational Brother-Sister Duet

Wowing their guests and keeping them holding their breath, Matisse and her big brother Max perform an impressive Brother-Sister Dance. They have a natural raw talent and to capture the heart of their personalities as siblings, their astound Dance was choreographed in a Modern Dance piece infusing Ballet and Hip-Hop to the songs of "You know I'm Not the Only One" by Sam Smith remixed into "Havana" by Camila Cabello. Pictured below is Max on the right, Matisse in the center, and myself on the left after an intensive final rehearsal at The Boathouse:

Friends Forever:

Corte De Honor-Damas and Chambelanes Baile Sorpresa

Matisse and her Corte De Honor shocked their guests with a wonderful Samba Dance to "Escapate Conmigo" by Wisin and Ozuna. This athletic group did everything from lifts to flips---with flair! They are so talented and fearless! Pictured below from left to right are: Hailey Barmore with David Sims, Bella Guerra with Weston Warren, Matisse Oudkerk Pool Gamache with

Griffin Chalif, Veronica Noriega with Christian Guido, Alexa Nielsen with Derek Vitone, and Max Oudkerk Pool Gamache:

Adorned with Fire and Passion:

A Luxuriant Duet with her Chambelan De Honor:

Just as you would think the dancing is over, Matisse and her Chambelan De Honor, Christian Guido, leave their guests in complete admiration with their marvelous Samba Duet to "Bonita" by J Balvin, Jowell and Randy. Because Christian has a Hawaiian background, we added a splash of Hawaiian dance moves at the climax of their dance. The cheering crowd pulled these two right into their element, leaving their guests smiling and radiant with energy. These two share an unexplainable aura.

The party then called for all guests to come together in a huge circle around Matisse and dance the night away. Congratulations Matisse, family and friends on your beautiful dancing . Your vibes MADE all your dances absolutely spectacular! A memory we will all remember! Bravo! Much love and blessings to you all!

Never, ever, ever stop dancing...after is a dance!

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